Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences

Department of General and Interdisciplinary Studies


Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences

Individuals who begin careers in technical fields often seek to further their education for advancement and promotion by completing a four-year bachelor's degree.  The BAAS program is designed to transition students from an Associate of Applied Arts or an Associate of Applied Science degree to a bachelor's degree using courses that provide knowledge and skills designed to enhance marketability and leadership potential.

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A BAAS degree provides students with exposure to a wide range of knowledge and skills applicable to today’s job markets. Some flexibility in the program allows students to choose professional development courses to best address their potential career goals, academic strengths and weaknesses, personal interests and preferences, and labor market trends. Students who graduate with a BAAS degree possess the flexibility to take advantage of an ever-evolving job market.  Opportunities to enter the workforce in mid-level positions are available for students who develop strong skill-sets that allow them to adapt to new careers.

The General Education component of the BAAS degree varies from the General Education component of other bachelor's degrees.  To view general education requirements for this degree please visit